Searching For Quentin: Destination Cusco

Peru is the last known location of our founder.

QE Academy’s archivist, James Tellman is about to embark on a journey of discovery.

After spending months searching the archives, interviewing alumnis and trying to make sense of what Quentin was up to when left the country, James Tellman successfully tracked the great man’s last movements to Peru – Cusco to be exact. Despite having already dedicated thousands of hours to this mission, James decided to follow his journey to its natural conclusion – that meant taking a flight to Lima, finding a means of transport and making his way to Cusco to hopefully conclude his search for Quentin Erroll.

“The look my wife gave me when I told her my plan was heart-melting. She’d listened intently, not interrupting me once, or even questioning me with her tired, expressive face. I needed to go, she knew that. The endless nights that I’d been spending in the archives each night had not been in vain. I had discovered a paper trail, undeniable evidence that Quentin had left the country in the mid-60s and not returned. With no existing family to look for him or care, I felt like I’d taken on the responsibility to remember him so that future students of QE could understand what happened to the man that had achieved so much by establishing the Academy.

Of course, Hazel knew all of this. She knew that, regardless of what I’d be researching, I’d end up absorbed in my work. It didn’t matter what job I was going to get, she knew that I had a weakness for work, but that was also part of my strength too. My education at QE Academy had trained to me to have an inquisitive mind, regardless of what vocation I found for myself. Whether it was working for an marketing company in Liverpool or as a researcher for a University – my attitude would remain the same: unerring, focused and belligerent.

Those previous jobs had consumed me, but at least the hours I could work there had limited my time away from Hazel and the kids. That changed when I took this role for QE. The board had given me unprecedented access to the archives, as much overtime as I liked and a near-limitless pot of petty cash to draw from. They trusted me to find Quentin’s resting place and although they hadn’t set a deadline, they knew that I was the kind of person to pursue a task relentlessly: they’d read my school reports.

Hazel interrupted me before I had the chance to apologise. She had things under control at home, the kids were fine – they missed me, but they were fine. They could miss me for another month, three at the most. Leave them too long and they would simply forget who I was. That hurt, but I knew it was true. Although the board had given me as much time as I needed, there was still a deadline that I needed to meet.

Whilst I packed my bags, I thought of Quentin. Had he met a woman when he was in Peru? Had the thought of leaving them for his responsibilities back home in England been a step too far for him? Was it a family that had finally tied him down to one place? I was about to find out, but I was not going to follow in his footsteps.

Regardless of what I discovered, or didn’t discover, I would be returning home.

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